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Radio maker. Fulbright Scholar. Transom Alum. Oral Historian. 

I love landscapes and personal geographies, intimacies, acoustic ecologies — I think a lot about how we inhabit our bodies, spaces, and places. Those are the stories I want to tell. 

In a drive to understand how places shape us, my immersive, multi-media work has asked me to take chances, to be clever, to be open. I’m invested in what happens at the intersection of the personal narrative and geography.

There are a few things I can't shake: 

I Can Almost See the Lights of Home: A Fieldtrip to Harlan County, Kentucky by Alessandro Portelli & Charles Hardy

Jump Blue by Hannah Silver and the team at BBC Radio 3

A Suitcase of Love and Shame by Love+Radio

Mirrored by Cathy Fitzgerald 

Dreamland by The Memory Palace

I've spent time photographing and writing about the rise of women's rugby across India; learning what it means to be a Beginner; trying to understand both life and death in a small southern Appalachian town; and how exactly chop suey made it into an underground nightclub in an Arkansan cave. After hauling fish in Massachusetts and dropping some food and beer knowledge in D.C., I got schooled in oral history at Columbia University's Master of Arts program. I'm a spring 2018 graduate of the Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole, MA. Currently, I work with the good folks at Lore, working to bring you historical tales of the darkest kind.

Always armed with hiking boots and extra snacks.



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