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Subterranean Chop Suey: The Wonderland Cave Story

In the early 20th century, an Arkansan real estate developer named C.A. Linebarger had an idea. American was in the throes of the Great Depression, and the worst drought in recorded history gripped the heartland. Times were tough. But like many folks on the Ozark Plateau, Linebarger owned a cave. And like many folks with caves in their possession during Prohibition, he was going to make good with it. Thus, the Wonderland Underground Nightclub came to be. It wasn’t uncommon to find booze or dancing or relics from civilizations gone by in these caves. But what made Wonderland different was that it served a very distinct kind of fare: chop suey. Produced for Gravy


a spirochete travelogue

If you’ve been following the news on Cape Cod and islands, you know that they are ground zero for ticks and the diseases that come with them. In fact, Nantucket had highest rate of Lyme disease per capita in the country this past year. The thing about Lyme is  it’s usually an invisible disease. You can’t always tell when someone has it. So what exactly is going on? Today, we’re going inside the human body for a psychedelic, sonic journey as we  follow the bacteria’s trail. As heard on WCAI's The Point

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sonic id: donna

Created as part of WCAI's sonic ID initiative, this piece came from the seat of my bike. I was headed down the Woods Hole bike path when I spotted a woman wearing a bedazzled eye patch walking a dog in a sweater. I hopped off and introduced myself to Donna, and we began talking about this funny little place that is Woods Hole — a place that, in a lot of ways, feels like the edge of the world.

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profile: skate forrest, skate

Roller rinks across America have been closing. But not Forrest's. He's a pint-sized, silver haired-spitfire and is on a crusade to spread the gospel of skating. Produced for Atlantic Public Media. 



For the uninitiated, F.L.O.W. is futuristic. It's inter-galactic. It's feminist warriors battling it out in a wrestling ring. Experience all the action on F.L.O.W. Radio, a serialized audio doc from the Future Ladies of Wrestling


a springtime conundrum  

A short vox-pop produced at the Transom Story Workshop that investigates one of the most pressing questions of the Easter season: who, exactly, is the Easter Bunny?